Our Story

The Ashby Grove

On behalf of the Steckbeck family, we welcome you to The Ashby Grove. We are happy you are considering us for helping you make your experience the most raved about gathering for a long time. The Steckbeck family bought this 24-acre hilly part of northern Massachusetts in May of 2020 with plans to create a large beautiful horticulture farm.

So, we have been clearing land and we are now in the engineering phase of our project in Jan-Feb of 2021.  We have been doing planning and site prep for our venues. Our property will be physically secure; therefore, we are installing our front gate in January with keypad access. We are planning to start excavation in mid-April 2021 and take delivery of the timberframes the first week of June 2021.  We are a green farm, therefore we live off of rainwater and solar energy.  Zero carbon footprint.  

I am getting married myself on this farm this summer; so, we have a vested interest to get it ready on time! We are accepting reservations now for events starting September 1, 2021 and beyond. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates on our progress, as we will be posting pictures, videos and exciting information! Thank you again for choosing The Ashby Grove!

Warm Regards,

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Christmas Trees

"The Seed is Planted"
When you book a tour of our farm you may plant your first tree as a couple on our Christmas tree farm. Included with your Ashby Grove experience, we provide you with (5) beautiful 24" firs or spruces of your choice to plant on our farm the day of your event. You then assign names to it for our database, where you can track its growth and see a picture of it annually and see it grow over its 8 years to maturity. After 8 years, you are welcome to come cut them down and take them home for free or continue to watch them grow. Give them as a gift to your party! Additional trees may be purchased separately.


Cut your own orchid from our greenhouse! Included with your experience are (6) fresh cut orchids for your party. Growing orchids is an ancient practice that involves much care and patience. Our orchid advisor has over 30 years' experience growing orchids. Just another way that The Ashby Grove helps you have that authentic farm experience.

Edible Garden Oasis
When you book a tour at The Ashby Grove, you are welcome to eat all the fruit you like that you see. You cannot fill any container, but you can eat as much as you want; only pick what you eat while you are here. Our edible landscape includes American persimmon apple trees, Asian pears, beach plums, hardy kiwis, hazelnuts, gooseberries, grapes and pawpaw. We will be expanding this list as we grow.

Medicinal Herbs
There are many horticulture products that we use today for medicinal purposes. Some of these we have for you to pick from and take home. We grow St. John's Wort, Gingko Biloba and other medicinal herbs to browse on your stroll.

Apple Orchard
Our apple orchard is a product of our environment. New England is home to some of the most delicious apples in all of the country. Gala, Honey Crisp, Granny Smith and McIntosh are some of the varieties you can expect to see. Come and check out our newly planted apple orchard and see how apples are grown!  

Scenic Views
* Mount Wachusett
In the north part of our farm, where we believe we are going to build the stone chapel, you can see a breathtaking view of Mount Wachusett. In this area, you are standing over 900 feet above sea level and looking SSW 20 miles to see the mountain. It is about 2000 feet above sea level. The mountain is the highest point in eastern Massachusetts. Our property has a southernly slope to it in some areas. This allows for a bountiful amount of sun to shine onto our property and to see for miles.
* Covered Bridge
Our covered bridge is a reflection of the New England landscape. The iconic covered bridge sparks romance and provides the perfect spot for that romantic embrace and kiss as well as where your photographer will love to capture your moments.
* Japanese Foot Bridge
This bridge is another great spot for photography. This red bridge is reminiscent of that peaceful meadow and your slow stroll through areas of our property where there are babbling brooks.
* The Big Rock
Something about the formidability of a huge piece of granite. We have several areas on The Ashby Grove where you will be amazed at the size of the granite protruding from the earth. They make great backdrops for photos as well as areas for your ceremony, or gathering areas for folks.