All of your food for your wedding will be prepared fresh and cooked onsite in our large kitchen by our own full time chef -- Chef Drew.  He has over 12 years experience as a chef and 6 of those as an executive chef and has won numerous awards in the New England area.  Our chef offers farm to table experiences from the output of our farm.  When you schedule your free consultation to discuss your wedding, Chef Drew will review your options for the (3) main meals -- Wedding Rehearsal, Wedding Reception and Sunday Night Family Dinner.  He will also then explain how you and your guests can order food from our kitchen using our mobile app and have it delivered to you whether you are on the stone patio or in your guest room. 


Beverage service at The Ashby Grove is easy. You have several choices to choose from: 

  • Soft drinks Open Bar else Cash
  • Beer & Soft Open Bar
  • Beer, Wine & Soft Open Bar
  • Beer, Wine, Liquor & Soft Open Bar