The Covid-19 pandemic put a hold on many weddings planned for 2020 and 2021.  So, we are seeing a huge demand for this type of agritourism on our farm for 2022 and 2023.  People are coming to us and wanting a weekend to spend on our farm, with overnight accomodations and the ability to do a variety of activities while they are here, not just "walk down an isle" as you see here.  Hosts and their guests can enjoy Farm to Table dinners at sunset with strung lights and impeccable table service while enjoying the vegetables we grow on our farm.  They can wake up and not have to worry about traveling anywhere for food, social and recreation, as the farm is all-inclusive.  We will have golf-carts for the elderly, lawn games, hiking trail, an outdoor basketball court, firepit -- and plenty of spaces to chill and just visit. 

The Ashby Grove's In-house chef, Drew Day, provides (3) impeccable food and beverage options: 
 1.  Catered meals for your big meal periods.
2.  Our Mobile App in between meal periods.
3.  On-Demand In-Person

Wedding Planner
We include a wedding planner with your experience who will do all the wedding planning activities with you and will be onsite the day of your wedding to ensure things go smoothly.