Stone Helipad

Ceremony Arch or Chuppah w/ 200 padded garden chairs

A classic farm wedding is the white padded garden chairs in front of your linen-draped arch or chuppah. On a beautiful sunny day, this is a fantastic option. To have the sun shine down on you while you perform your ceremony is something special. If the weather is inclement, you can always go to your backup plan which would be in our event barn or ancient stone chapel. Our lawn will be a lush green grass with stone walkways and lit up for walking about safely at night. Flowers will abound the lawn area as well. 

Stone Patio Overlooking Private Pond

Our rustic stone patio is a great place for your guests to enjoy cocktail hour. We have a wonderful pergola with chairs as well as a small fire pit there as well. Your guests will overlook a large pond with a 20' fountain feature in the center while they enjoy cocktail hour served to them by a private bar in the corner. We create the atmosphere; you just bring your guests.    


Our firepit will be 6' round and have 75 moveable comfortable chairs. The firepit is being built by Jim Hopkins, a local stone mason legend. Jim comes to us with 40 years' experience in stonework. Relax after your ceremony or anytime next to a fire. We have plenty of firewood to burn and starter sticks. There is something about a firepit and seeing your family sit around and tell those stories that are the foundation for each of our own family cultures and memories.      


A tent allows you to enjoy outdoor space, but still be able to keep your hair looking good.  We expect this to be even more popular than our event barn due to the desire to be more spaced and outside; at least until we get a vaccine.       

Ancient Stone Chapel

Our ancient stone chapel is being constructed by a local legend by the name of Jim Hopkins. Jim has been building stone structures for 40 years. He has talent that is dwindling in America -- traditional, authentic stonework like no other. We are currently in the final design stages of a beautiful 220-seat stone chapel with archways, wooden or steel door. It will also have a bell tower in the cupola, so the newlyweds can ring the wedding bell after the ceremony.

This farm has ancient stone (rock, ledge, granite) on its surface and bedrock. Where better to have a ceremony than on solid ground! Studies have shown that this area was once huge glaciers that formed into granite and huge ledges that we have now in our farm.

The Horticulture Learning Center

As you drive in The Ashby Grove, the first thing you will notice is a pavilion on your right. This is our Horticulture Learning Center. It hosts a 65" flat screen which folds down to play a 5 min. video on horticulture and is narrated by Jeff Steckbeck, owner of The Ashby Grove. The video speaks to what horticulture is and what you can expect to see on your visit to the farm and how to best taste and experience the agricultural output of the farm. We designate (5) days per month as Donor Days. We provide a complimentary educational experience to private and public schools, colleges and universities.